We understand our clients' concern for safe storage and warehousing of their goods and valuables. No matter which industry sector you belong to, MOVEON LOGISTICS will share with you a dedicated team for warehousing and distribution operation to ensure that the goods are stored safely.

We also provide our customers with a range of value-added services to ensure transparency, efficiency and for enhanced responsiveness to their supply-chain solutions. We also consult with our customers and personalise their experience by understanding their issues and assist them in their business and logistics needs. We have a team of experts to provide you with the necessary guidance that will not just offer solutions, but also go a long way in adding value for your business.

MOVEON offers cost-effective warehousing solutions. Our warehouses are spacious and are managed by experienced staff who adhere to the latest inventory management practices. We offer round-the-clock security services 365 days of the year, with a proper racking system to ensure that the goods are stored as per customer specifications. Our warehouses are well equipped to handle large volumes of goods. We are well equipped to cater all type of industries and we provide logistics services to:

3PL Logistic Services

Our capabilities stretch from stand-alone concepts to complex, integrated end-to-end solutions.